Here’s a recap of Trump’s unexpected walk to St. John’s Church from the White House on Monday.

At 7:01 pm, POTUS left the White House heading towards the St. John’s Church. POTUS walked along the winding driveway of the north lawn and then exited the White House gates onto Lafayette Park and on then onto H St. which had been filled with protesters less than an hour earlier.

Remnants of the gas deployed earlier irritated your pooler and others in the limited pool to the point some were coughing. H St. was littered with trash punctuated by newly boarded-up and graffitied buildings.

POTUS, stood in front of St. John’s Church holding a bible. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, White House advisors Jared Kushner and Hope Hicks, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Attorney General Bill Barr, Robert O’Brien and others stood to his right looking on. Ivanka Trump wore a black mask, as recommended by the WH COVID-19 experts, while others went maskless it appeared.  POTUS held a large-ish bible in one hand and then in both hands for his one-man photo op. He was then joined by Barr, Meadows, O’Brien, and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for more photos.   

He said the US was the “greatest country in the world” and “we’re going to keep it that way.”

The group walked back toward the White House after the short photoshoot virtually along the same path. As he neared the gates, the entourage of White House staff and officials fell back while the president enjoyed a lone walk towards the White House flanked by secret service officers in riot gear. 

POTUS stopped for a brief moment to give a double fist pump to the crew of photogs and reporters behind the limited pool. 

He entered the White House at 7:18 pm.

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