At the NRA Convention, Trump tossed the pen into the audience.

Crowd is engaged, applauding after most of his talking points. 

Some remarks below, again please check with transcript: 

“Collusion delusion has been exposed as a complete and total fraud” got a standing ovation. 

“Democrats are obsessed with hoaxes, delusions, and witch hunts. We can play the game just as well or better than they do.”

Took a second to greet FLOTUS happy birthday as the crowd cheered. 

Thinking about a new slogan, “Keep America great,” because socialists want to take it away. Said he cut regulations more than any president in the country, and that’s in two years. 

Hit talking points: Socialism, protecting gun rights, ICE. “Democrats want to disarm law-abiding Americans while allowing criminal aliens to operate with impunity. But that will never happen as long as I’m your president, not even close.” 

“We will have over 400 miles of wall built by the end of next year,” got a standing ovation. “It’s going up rapidly. Rapidly.” Added that they’re renovating large sections of wall to “save a lot of money and we gain a lot of territory. We have a lot things going.” 

“We’re throwing them the hell out. But we can fix the problem so easy.”

“One of the greatest threats to the country is activist judges.” Brought up Ninth Circuit, as well as the media again: “These are very, very dishonest people, OK? No one gets why they’re opposed to strong military. Including making our nation wealthy, high GDPs, all of the security all of the law enforcement we’re doing. It’s incredible. … Why are they opposed to things that truly makes our country great? Why? I don’t get it. The level and dishonesty and corruption in the media is unbelievable.”

“Fair and impartial and mostly conservative judges who will observe the Constitution as written. Will soon have 145 judges confirmed, including two Supreme Court judges.” Only George Washington appointed more judges than he did. 

Free speech on college campuses made an appearance.

“Operation Chokepoint, government bureaucrats discourage banks to make loans to gun retailers. A backdoor attack on gun ownership that will never be allowed to happen.”

Announced that he would remove the effect of US signature from the “badly misguided” Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), an agreement signed by the Obama administration. “We will never allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on your Second Amendment freedoms. We will never ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty. I hope you’re happy.” The crowd looked pretty happy, they gave him another standing ovation.

“I’m impressed. I didn’t know too many of you would know what that is.” 

“America is rejecting this treaty.” 

People stood up as he announced that he would ask Senate to discontinue the ratification process. He said he would dispose of the treaty in the Oval Office. 

Chants of U-S-A rose up from the crowd, already cheering and clapping, as he signed the document and showed it off. Back and forth with the audience, “They all want the pen. Should I give it to them?” 

Crowd: “Yes!”

He tossed the pen into the audience. 

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