President Trump is about to make remarks at a Spirit of America showcase event to spotlight small businesses in the grand foyer of the White House.

President Trump is about to make remarks at a Spirit of America showcase event to spotlight small businesses in the grand foyer of the White House. The president is chatting with several vendors and inspecting their products  before speaking. (The vendors, standing behind tables with their products, aren’t wearing masks) Products on display include an American flag-painted Weber grill, American flags and pies from the Carolina pie company. 

Background on the event from the White House

Today, President Donald J. Trump will deliver remarks at the Spirit of America Showcase to highlight American Small Businesses that embody America’s exceptionalism.
American small businesses are the backbone of our Nation and President Trump is committed to ensuring that small businesses have the support they need.  Small businesses across our country from iconic American brands, to mom and pop shops on Main Street, embody a pioneering spirit that is uniquely American and this showcase will highlight businesses and products that underscore the Spirit of American entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and business.

The following individuals are expected to attend

The White House
President Donald J. Trump
Tim Pataki, Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Public Liaison
Trump Administration
Secretary Wilbur Ross, U.S. Department of Commerce 
Assistant Secretary John Lowry, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Veterans’ Employment and Training 
External Participants
Fruit of the Earth Inc.
Rocky Point Creamery
Flags of Valor
Carolina Pie Company
Weber Grills 
Texas Timber Bat Company
Nautilus Reels
Scars and Stripes Coffee

Trump remarks

The president began speaking at the Spirit of America event at 11:55, saying the jobs report shattered “all expectations.” “This is the largest monthly jobs gains in history.” He touted African American and Hispanic job gains. “Even the most optimistic people, these numbers are being doubled and tripled”

He praised the “stunning craftsmanship” of the business owners. He said trade deals under negotiation must get done “as soon as possible” to bring more “jobs back“. He called Covid-19 “the plague from China.” Trump said the “foundation“ of the economy was so strong that the economy will be even “stronger” than before after COVID.  “We haven’t killed all of the virus yet, ” he said.

“America’s economy is now roaring back to life like nobody’s ever seen before.” 

He warned of 1929 like economic crash if someone else is in charge 
“I think we’ll do even better the second time than the first time unless somebody comes along and says let’s raise taxes” “it might even be a 1929 situation” “you’ll have a crash as you’ve never seen before. You put the wrong person in the office, you’ll see” things you’ve never seen before. 

“We have three vaccine candidates” looking “really really good.” Predicts results “soon.”

“I’m going to Mt  Rushmore on July 3, we’re going to have a tremendous evening,” says the fireworks will be exciting. “You play with our monuments or our statues you’ll go to jail for 10 years.” He claims it’s now “stopped” bc of his exec order. “Nobody’s going to shatter the American Dream: not the anarchists, not the agitators, not the fools”

“Unless it’s tampered with” next year will be more prosperous, he says and one of the best economic years ever. Closes with God Bless America at 12:09 pm.

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