Are you supporting Donald Trump in this election?

Trump strikes and is showing the worst side of America, a side rotten with white supremacy, misogyny, racism, and so many more less-than-redeeming qualities, writes Bessie Bauman. 

Kansas: the land of prairies, Midwestern kindness, and general boredom. Last month, specifically on March 12th, Kansas was the land of protesters, pepper spray, and police. The infamous reality start has not only made a threatening environment out of the heart of America, he has also frightened the entire nation with his demagoguery.

Donald Trump, better identified as the enigma of the current election, is known for his offensive one-liners and for his repetition. Most of his rhetorical techniques are aimed to receive maximum cheers from those who want to “make America great again.” Despite his continued victories in state caucuses, Trump is facing a new opponent in the political arena: protesters. Groups from several different causes, such as Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders supporters, are infiltrating hate-filled rallies and are resisting the Trump movement.

Trump strikes at protesters: Go Home to Mommy!

Trump goes about protesters in a rather perturbing way. He humiliates lone protesters by blatantly insulting them, once telling a protester being dragged out to “go home to mommy” during the interruption of the St. Louis rally.  He condemns protest groups with violent implications, recalling that political protesters used to be carried out on stretchers. More can be found here. In fact, Trump supporters respond to his instigations. Protesters are often attacked by supporters and taken down by Trump’s omnipresent Secret Service detail.

During a rally in North Carolina, a 78 year old Trump supporter was able to elbow a protester directly in the face and earn no punishment, while the protester was wrestled to the ground by deputies. The full footage can be found here.

What happened in Kansas City actually occurred outside of a Trump rally. It actually took place in the Arvest Bank Theater at the Midland. Protesters clumped together as policemen and their horses lined up close by. As seen in this disturbing video, the law enforcement officials robotically lifted their cans of pepper spray in unison and unleashed forceful streams of mace, a chemical that causes the utmost burning sensation in the eyes, coughing, and other breathing difficulties. Trump strikes the heart of America and is showing the worst side of our nation, a side rotten with white supremacy, misogyny, racism, and so many more less-than-redeeming qualities. His voter base, blue-collar white Americans, is sick of America “being a dumping ground for the rest of the world.”  Are you too?  

Are you supporting Donald Trump in this election?

Bessie Bauman is Contributor for Naked Opinion. She is an incoming freshman at Yale University. Bessie is an active participant in debate, student government, and service as well as in furthering her own...

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