At the rally in Tennessee, Trump slammed Democrats and once again called the press “fake news”.

Hard to get an attendance number at the moment at the Freedom Hall Civic Center. I’m told unofficially that regular seating capacity is about 6,300. But there are many more people on the floor in front of the press pen, with a gap of about 5 feet between the front of the press pen and the back of the crowd.

Lots of MAGA, Drain the Swamp, Finish the Wall and Women for Trump signs.

POTUS came on stage to a roar at 7:11 p.m.

He touted the stock market at an all-time high.

“We’re defending our Second Amendment. But Bredesen [Democratic Senate candidate Phil] will not defend your Second Amendment.”

Talked about the announcement replacing NAFTA with USMCA.

“America’s winning again, and America’s being respected again, because we are finally putting America first.”

He said we’re just 5 weeks away from one of the most important elections.

He slammed Democrats “and their enablers, the fake news media.”

If Democrats win, he said, “your 401ks will be devastated.”

“We need the wall, we need border security.”

“This country will never be Venezuela, that I can tell you.”

He said the Democratic Party has been “completely taken over by the resistance.”

“They’ll take everything including your Second Amendment.”

Democrats have been “in a blind rage” since 2016.

It’s a choice between the Republican Party and a Democratic Party that is trying to “burn everything down.”

of Judge Kavanaugh, he said, “They’ve been trying to destroy him. He’s a good man. Great student, great intellect. Never had a problem. They decided to go back to high school.”

He blasted Sen. Blumenthal. “He was never in Vietnam, it was a lie. Then he’s up there saying ‘we want the truth,’ from Judge Kavanaugh.”

Sen. Cory Booker “destroyed Newark.”

Lots of boos for Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Sen. Booker.

“They’re trying to destroy a very fine person, and we can’t let it happen.”

“Republicans know that a judge’s job is to follow the law and to deliver equal justice for all. The Democrats can no longer be trusted with your power…”

“They have moved so far left that ‘Pocahontas’ is considered a conservative.”

He said Biden could never get more than 1 percent of the vote “until Obama took him off of the trash heap.”

“We need more Republicans to get the votes.”

“Democrats are the party of crime. How does that sound? Sounds a little tough, but it’s true.”

He mentioned early voting in Tennessee.

He thanked Gov. Bill Haslam and Republican members of Congress from Tenn. 

The president called Rep. Marsha Blackburn “a true fighter,” and invited her up on the stage.

Blackburn thanked the crowd “for sending Donald J. Trump to the White House. He has had an amazing 20 months.”

She pledged to cut taxes and build the wall.

Mr. Trump said “she’s all about Tennessee values. It’s a vote for Make America Great Again.”

Mr. Trump said, “Phil Bredesen wants to raise your taxes. As governor, he raised taxes and fees in your state by more than $1 billion. He supported driver certificates for illegal aliens. He doubled unemployment.”

“Phil was a major financial supporter of President Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

He said if Bredesen becomes the 51st Democratic senator, Chuck Schumer will become majority leader. More boos.

“We need the votes. He will never vote for us. Not on judges.”

Judge Brett Kavanaugh “is actually doing well.”

“A Democrat-controlled Senate will always be raising your taxes. He’s going to vote with the Democrats. They’re going to flood your streets with criminal aliens.”

He said Democrats are raiding Medicare funds and added, “I want to take care of people with pre-existing conditions.”

referring to immigration and border security, he said, “This election in November is about safety.”

“Republicans are delivering for African-Americans like never before,” referring to the record low unemployment rate.

Big cheers for: “We are standing up proudly for our flag and for our national anthem.”

“This is your time to choose…. look at what we’ve done in less than two years. It’s up to you to choose prosperity and pride over socialism and decay.”

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