Pool led into the Oval at 11 am sharp.
POTUS opened with coronavirus. He says France and Germany are now having problems.
In Italy “probably record-setting” problems.
On Europe: “We think we’ll reestablish pretty quickly once this ends.”
Reminded people to wash their hands.


On European leaders not consulted: “We had to make a decision, and we didn’t want to take time.” 
Rallies: says he has a big event in Tampa that was all sold out….
“32s a lot. 32s too many.”
National emergency: says he has Stafford Act practically memorized.
Says he is deciding right now on what emergency steps he’ll take to help American workers. Pushed for a payroll tax cut again while noting it will take some time.
“We have offered Iran assistance.” 

Note: This is coming fast and it’s still going. Please check transcript and tape for all that was said.


On the virus: “This is a very fast spreader.”
Says he “isn’t concerned” about reports out of Brazil about possible coronavirus cases.
On Olympics: he said if Japan cancels make it a year later.
Talked about how he didn’t have to shake hands in India, because that’s not how it’s done there. But he said today he wondered, “Are we supposed to shake hands?” “It’s a very strange feeling.”
Varadkar said it feels “rude” but it’s appropriate now.
Trump talked about 2020 presidential and Biden an old Warren.
Both Mulvaney, the new special envoy to Northern Ireland, and Meadows were there seated side by side. Meadows did not answer a question about whether it’s his first day.
Pool was led out at 11:27 am.
Get near a TV — this went on for nearly half an hour.

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