President Trump makes clear that he believes he’s done more than the Democrats to protect Americans. 

The President began his briefing just as he did over the past 3 days with praise of the stock markets and acknowledging the progress that the United States made in regard to the “China virus”. 

During the briefing, Trump introduced a new member of the coronavirus task force Dr. Scott Atlas from Stanford University. Dr. Atlas spoke briefly about the need to reopen schools safely, in addition to giving parents the option of sending their children back to school or resorting to a hybrid format of learning. 

Trump: Universal Mail-In Voting “Riddled By Fraud And Corruption”

Trump took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for their inability to come to the table as unemployment benefits recently expired. He went on to praise his Executive Order that called for a stop to evictions and will give unemployed Americans $400 a week. 

He went on to criticize the $3.5 billion request for universal mail-in voting “a system riddled by fraud and corruption” and $25 billion for the U.S. Postal Service. “They [Pelosi and Schumer] want radical left agenda items that nobody in their right mind would approve,” the President said. The President continued to double down on his attacks against Democrats, stating, “your biggest problem is going to be with the Democrats, not with China and Russia and Iran,” with regard to the November election. 

Trump: Sen. Kamala Harris “Dropped Like A Rock” During Democratic Primaries

While continuing to praise his Executive Order, Trump said that the $400 he gives Americans is “$400 more than the Democrats have provided.” He also slammed the Obama administration, stating that “when we [the United States] had a big problem… you know what he [Obama] gave? $25. He gave 25 bucks… Sleepy Joe gave $25.” 

The President made clear that he is defending the American people, stating, “I want to make it unmistakably clear that I’m protecting people from evictions.”

When asked about Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris’ first appearance together that ended shortly before his briefing, Trump further explained his surprise that Harris was the choice for Vice President. “She [Harris] dropped like a rock,” in polls during the primaries, he said. 

Trump recalled the 2016 election, stating that many were worried that “Crooked Hillary” would beat him in Texas, but he won the state in addition to winning Georgia. “It’s [the election] like a duplication of what happened before, except we have much more energy now than we ever did in 2016,” the President went on to say.

Trump: “When You Sit Home In A Basement Looking At A Computer, Your Brain Starts To Wither Away”

The President emphasized his desire to reopen schools this fall, adding that more businesses should open as well. With reference to college students in particular, he said that 99.8% of deaths due to COVID-19 are in people over the age of 24, with no specific source cited. Trump also claimed that students would be safer if they lived on their college campuses rather than with their parents or grandparents.

In response to the quality of education shifting with online learning, the President quoted the National Education Association in their claim that online learning would never be an effective replacement for in-person learning and support. “When you sit at home in a basement looking at a computer, your brain starts to wither away,” he said. In addition, he cited concerns of doctors that there will be increased cases of substance abuse, depression, and suicide with distance learning. 

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