Trump walked out to Marine One around 9:45 am. He answered a few questions on the Mueller report, Democrats/Israel, and congressional investigations. 

“I have no idea about the Mueller report,” Trump said asked about timing.

He said he has a “lot of meetings” this weekend. Briefly mentioned progress with China. “Lot of very important things are happening.”

He also said the Democrats are anti-Israel.

“I don’t know what happened to them but they are anti-Israel. Frankly, I  think they are anti-Jews” 

On congressional investigations and whether he is asking staff not to comply, he said: “This is a continuation of the same witch hunt 

They ought to go to work.. get a lot of things done instead of wasting everybody’s time.”

Before the president walked out of the White House, an aide (your pooler and reporters here were unable to identify him) dropped off a hefty stack of newspapers inside Marine One.

Trump boarded Marine One at 9:48 am. It took off from the South Lawn at 9:51. 

Will listen to audio and try to send more. Obviously, it was very hard to hear. Handing off to our-of-town pooler!

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