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Trump doctrine reiterates the president’s ongoing promises of “America First.”

On Monday, Nov 18, President Trump unveiled his administration’s National Security Strategy, which aims to “restore respect for the United States abroad and renew American confidence at home.”

The 68-page strategy document provided by the White House outlines how the strategy will attempt to fulfill the promises of “America First” that Trump has reiterated since the campaign trail.

“My Administration’s National Security Strategy lays out a strategic vision for protecting the American people and preserving our way of life, promoting our prosperity, preserving peace through strength, and advancing American influence in the world,” Trump wrote in an introductory letter. “We will pursue this beautiful vision—a world of strong, sovereign, and independent nations, each with its own cultures and dreams, thriving side-by-side in prosperity, freedom, and peace—throughout the upcoming year.”

The National Security Strategy or Trump doctrine,  is made up of four pillars which identify the four “vital national interests” of the American people: (1) Protect the homeland, the American people, and American way of life, (2) Promote American prosperity, (3) Preserve peace through strength, and (4) Advance American influence.

I. Protect The Homeland

“President Trump’s fundamental responsibility is to protect the American people, the homeland, and the American way of life,” the document says.

It goes on to identify the greatest national threats to the homeland as Jihadist terrorist who use “barbaric cruelty to commit murder, repression, and slavery, and virtual networks to exploit vulnerable populations and inspire and direct plots” and transnational criminal organizations who “tea[r] apart our communities with drugs and violence and weakening our allies and partners by corrupting democratic institutions.”

Trump’s National Security Strategy claims that “America will target threats at their source” and “confront threats before they ever reach our borders or cause harm to our people.”

This will be accomplished by “strengthen[ing] control of our borders and reform[ing] our immigration system to protect the homeland and restore our sovereignty,” along with redoubling efforts to protect critical infrastructure and digital networks, and deploying a layered missile defense system, according to the document.

II. Promote American Prosperity

Also outlined in Trump’s National Security Strategy is an emphasis on economic security. “A strong economy protects the American people, supports our way of life, and sustains American power,” the document says.

Reiterating familiar claims of “America First,” the National Security Strategy ensures that “America will no longer tolerate chronic trade abuses and will pursue free, fair, and reciprocal economic relationships.”

“We will rejuvenate the American economy for the benefit of American workers and companies, which is necessary to restore our national power,” the document continues.

Also outlined in the strategy is an emphasis on the importance of protecting the American national security innovation base from “those who steal our intellectual property and unfairly exploit the innovation of free societies.”

III. Preserve Peace Through Strength

“We will rebuild America’s military strength to ensure it remains second to none,” the National Security Strategy promises. Emphasizing its intentions to strengthen its capabilities across numerous domains, including space and cyber, the document outlines a commitment to protect America’s interests and “ensure the balance of power remains in America’s favor in key regions of the world.”

“An America strengthened, renewed, and rejuvenated will ensure peace and deter hostility,” the National Security Strategy continues.

IV. Advance American Influence

“Our America First foreign policy celebrates America’s influence in the world as a positive force that can help set the conditions for peace, prosperity, and the development of successful societies,” the document claims.

This will be accomplished by seeking partnerships with like-minded states “to promote free market economies, private sector growth, political stability, and peace” and championing values that “promote strong, stable, prosperous, and sovereign states.”

“We must continue to enhance our influence overseas to protect the American people and promote our prosperity,” the document says.

Watch the entire National Security Strategy speech here.

Yeji is covering the White House.

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