Trump departs the NATO summit after canceling the press conference. He makes some quick comments about Rudy and impeachment. 


POTUS arrived at The Grove’s landing zone at 438 pm. He reached toward the window of The Beast and waved. He boarded Marine One and lifted at 443 pm. 

Pool is lifting behind. Next stop: Stansted Airport. 

Earlier report had the most current impeachment quotes upon second review, but here are a couple more. CQ against transcript. 

More on Dems and NATO timing: “There was no crime whatsoever and they know it.” “Now they’re saying: ‘How do we get over this?’”

“To do it on a day like this where we’re in England and some of the most powerful countries in the world having very important NATO meetings. And it just happened to be scheduled on this day. It’s really honestly, it’s a disgrace.” 

More on Rudy: 

“Rudy is a great gentleman and they’re after him only because he’s done such a good job. He was very effective against Mueller and the Mueller Hoax.” 

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