Trump gave brief remarks to the friendly crowd at the Providence Baptist Church in Alabama.

After meeting privately in the church with nearly a dozen victim families, President Trump came into the church auditorium at TK where he addressed and thanked dozens of community volunteers who cheered as he emerged.  

Trump said responders were doing.
 an “A-plus job”. 

“We’re gonna take care,” Trump said. “ FEMA is here.”

 Trump briefly explained some of the damage he saw including sharing that he met with a family who lost 10 people from the storm. 

“I’ve never seen anything like it.” POTUS said. 

Trump repeatedly thanked the group of volunteers.  

“We couldn’t get here fast enough,” Trump said. “I wanted to come the day it happened.” 

POTUS said the governor asked him to give them some time first. 

Trump said FEMA will stay as long as needed. 

“We love you all. We love the state of Alabama.”  

Trump gave brief remarks to the friendly crowd at the Providence Baptist Church.

Afterward, he stayed inside the church hall to shake hands and sign items for survivors and first responders. 

Inside the church, round tables are filled with supplies such as shampoo, children’s clothing, toiletries, backpacks and books for those who lost their possessions or homes in the tornado. The crowd is taking photos and videos of the president and First Lady as they greet people

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