At the tonight’s rally in West Virginia, talking about Kim Jong-un, Trump said: “and then we fell in love”.

No WiFi in the rally site. 
Here are a few highlights. Check all quotes against transcript.
But first, per White House here are the greeters from his arrival:

President was greeted at the arena by:
Governor Jim Justice, Governor of West Virginia
Rep. David McKinley (WV-1)
Rep. Evan Jenkins (WV-3)
Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, Attorney General of West Virginia
Lou Holtz, Former Notre Dame Football Coach
as well as 8 Supporters


Trump took the stage at 7:21 to “Country Roads” and thunderous cheering.
-There was a brief disruption out of view of the press pen, and a protestor was escorted out. 
-Trump covered Kavanaugh, saying a vote for him is a vote against the “mean obstructionist” Democrats.
-“The No. 1 enabler of the Democrats is the fake news media back there.” Called the press the “enemy of the people,” twice, setting off a chant of “CNN sucks.”
-Referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” and said by the current standards of the Democrats she is “now considered a conservative.” 
“These people, they’ve gone crazy. They’ve gone loco.”
-Trump introduced Republican candidate  Patrick Morrisey at 7:46, saying he would be a reliable GOP vote.
-Morrisey called incumbent Sen. Joe Manchin a “liberal” and claimed he is now even in the polls. His mention of “Obama” drew loud boos; the mention of “Hillary Clinton” drew louder ones, and an extended round of  “Lock Her Up.”
-Trump returned to the stage at 7:55.
-Said Democrats want to “make us Venezuela.”
-Called the “Democrat Party” the “party of crime.”
-Said he will always protect “pre-existing conditions,” even though some Republicans oppose it.
-Went after potential 2020 opponents Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Cory Booker and said “oh, I dream of these people.”
-On trade, criticized China and said “the stupid days are over.”
-said he told Saudi King Salman in a call today “why are we subsidizing their military?”
– “Oh by the way, we’re doing great with North Korea.” 

And repeated the claim that Obama was close to going to war with North Korea. “And now we have this great relationship, and let’s see what happens.”
– Joked that he and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “fell in love,” and said he would probably be called unpresidential. Then adopted a mock monotone and mocked George HW Bush’s “Thousand Points of Light.”
– repeated lines from his UN speech including  “we reject the ideology of globalism.”
-He wrapped at 8:42 pm
We are headed to vans

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