Travel is allowing us to get inspired by the world around us and tethering is the most reliable means for remote work productivity

Travel provides a necessary change of scene and pace, allowing us to get inspired by the world around us. Diverse food, neighborhoods, and people remind us how vital it is  to preserve the earth, our home, and playground. Getting out of the office sparks inspiration and eases tension. When travelling, tethering is the most reliable means for productivity, if you can get data on your phone.

Tethering allows you use your phone as your wireless network. So, if you don’t have regular wifi available you can connect your laptop to your mobile phone, and use it as a wireless network. This all depends on your mobile phone and carrier. While many companies allow their workers to choose their workspace and time, others maintain traditional expectations. Here are some tips on how to tether. This is a high level overview. For details, check out these pages from How To Geek for Android, and, iPhone.

The VPN is Your Friend

VPN tunnel Image ID:225887800 Copyright: arka38
VPN tunnel Copyright: arka38

If you’re having trouble convincing your company to send you abroad then do what Yasmin Hines did. Hines, a BizDev specialist in Prince George’s County Maryland, recently did a two week stint in San Francisco.

I explained that with a VPN and dedicated work space, I could work anywhere.

The Virtual Private Network is perfect for jobs that require special programs, and sensitive data. The VPN allows you to connect to your company’s internal network and access servers on that network as if you were in the local office.

Get SIM Card

International internet can be tricky game. In flight, you might be comfortable not paying on top of your fare for interwebz. But what happens when you land? A SIM card gives your phone an identity that can be used in the country you are travelling to for call, texts, and data. In order for this to work, your phone must accept a foreign SIM, so check with carrier and model.  Your SIM card allows you to have a local phone number, which can be useful for checking with contacts while travelling whether it be for coffee or cocktails.

Before you take the dive. Check how much your provider will charge for using your phone overseas. That may be cheaper (though it may be WAY more expensive).

Say Hello

Businessman Working by the Beach Copyright:
Businessman Working by the Beach Copyright:

Ultimately, your position is to bring value to your company, even especially if your work for yourself. So, make travel a useful and viable move. Social Media for all  it’s magic, can’t replace real personal interaction.

Moreover, travel lends itself to random interactions. Make your case for travel more stable for future travel possibilities by leveraging your connections.

If, for instance, you’re in a bar, and there’s live singer, and that singer is excellent, inquire about their tour schedule.

Often, we make the mistake of only making connections that are have immediate corporate benefits. But, never underestimate the value you prove to have inviting your boss and a few co-workers to happy hour when that singer is in town.

Use Meet Up and Professional Connections

There is something to be said for getting field specific, too.  If you aren’t a part of professional MeetUps in your hometown you’re missing out. While MeetUp isn’t visually driven, you do get genuine interest groups. When you travel abroad, seek these groups out. Email ahead and let the organizer know you’ll be in town. Many of them, as they’re special interest, are excited for international visitors and collaborators. If the organization permits, give a presentation, or at least attend one. Then, put a video of that talk on social media.
Look at you! A professional, being professional, worldwide.Expand your possibilities, free your mind, and most of all, GET OUT THERE

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