Motorcade arriving at Chase Center. Biden set to address the nation from Wilmington, DE, shortly.

Pool is loaded onto a van and headed toward POTUS-elect’s house from the Westin holding spot. 


The motorcade is leaving. 

The ride to the Chase Center, by the waterfront, is about 15 minutes. The speaking program was scheduled to begin at 8 with VPOTUS-elect Kamala Harris, followed by  POTUS-elect Biden. 

Crowds have been gathering at the outdoor parking lot by the speaking stage all day, many people honking horns, holding signs or waving flags. 

It’s pleasantly cool and a bit breezy here, upper 50s. 

Pool caught the motorcade from a street near POTUS-elect’s house, about quarter-mile, per staff. But members of the pool can’t see the house or POTUS-elect, who is joined by his wife Dr. Jill Biden.


After a bumpy but mostly uneventful ride, mostly on emptied interstates, the motorcade arrived at the Chase Center at 8:09. 

A very large crowd of supporters waved and cheered at one corner near the venue, by a Philadelphia 76ers facility. 

More cheering crowds gathered as we got close to the entrance and inside the permit we. It looked to be thousands, many with flags and signs. 

Pool has been told that attendance is estimated at 360 cars. 

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