As it happened: Biden’s first speech as the elected 46th president of the United States. 

Harris began speaking at about 8:28 p.m. to blaring horns. The parking lot is filled with cars of all makes and models. Many with American flags, signs showing RBG lace collar, rainbow flags.

A giant American flag held up by two cranes to the right of the stage where there is a second screen for the overflow crowd.

The Westin behind the stage where Harris is speaking has projected the campaign logo and moving blue stars.


Biden coming on stage at 8:38 p.m., horns are blaring – many people sitting on the top of their cars or jeeps, waving flags, taking photos with cell phone cameras while he waves and gestures to the crowd.

Several waved blue glow sticks.


President-elect Biden finished his remarks at 8:55, to cheers and honks as Jill Biden walked out waving before they embraced. 

Many people waved American flags in rhythm as Biden embraced more family members. 

Earlier, After the POTUS-elect settled into his remarks, there was a long period where the audience made less noise as he outlined his vision. 

One minivan near the press riser had a hand-written sign on the windshield above the preprinted Spanish language sign: “daughter of immigrants to madam Vice President”

A man stood out from the sunroof wearing a mask and waving a large American flag. 


The fireworks display began soon after the remarks. It included stars and the Biden logo in blue and red lights spelled out by drone lights. That was followed by a multi-colored map of the US. 

Biden stood with his family and clapped and hugged as the drone lights spelled out “president-elect Biden” in blue and afterward the number 46 in a circle. 

Then “VP elect Harris” in blue. 

Music included “simply the best”. 

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