Do we honestly think that Trump will go quietly into the night?

A desperate call to action to stop Donald Trump is railing the Homeland. Do we honestly think that Trump will go quietly into the night?

It is increasingly apparent to me that America seems to be descending into madness. 20% of Donald Trump supporters “did not approve of freeing the slaves.” 

The Koch Brothers have pledged to spend around 900 Million Dollars on the 2016 presidential election, and finally, from personal experience, it seems that my friends have divided into camps — the pragmatists and fervent advocates of Hillary Clinton, the die-hard Bernie Fans, who 1. Have never really been interested in politics but have been politically awakened by Senator Sanders and 2. Will not support Hillary Clinton in the general election and the children of immigrants who support Donald Trump. I recently saw a Facebook post authored by a Ph.D. Candidate at Brown University who argued that Republicans should vote for Ted Cruz in the last ditch attempt to stop Donald Trump, because even though the author abhorred most of Cruz’s views, “the devil you know beats the devil you don’t.”

He believes that if Ted Cruz were to become the President, he would threaten the Republic for the time that he held office. Remember, this is the man that shut down the government and is snubbed by his fellow Republican Senators. But if Ted Cruz would threaten the Republic, Trump could be its undoing; while this may seem like a hyperbolic claim just look at what has been happening at his rallies and even across the country.

Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump

A student protester was pushed and called a “n****r and a c*nt” by attendees of a Trump Rally, including a veteran. Racism is dead, or so they say. 

A 78-year-old man sucker-punched a black protester for “not acting like an American.” Considering the fact that independence was won by the Revolutionary War, Slavery was ended by a Civil war, and Civil Rights were granted because of the Civil Rights Movement (which included an awful lot of protesting hate and bitterness,) I’d say that the protester was acting more like an American than all the rest of the people at the rally. But Donald Trump’s hateful and divisive rhetoric isn’t just influencing 78-year-old white men — it’s touching the lives of the youth as well, as evidenced by the fans who chanted “build a wall” at a basketball game between two Catholic High School teams, one of which was primarily Hispanic. 

When I was in the Second Grade, my family and I would often watch The Apprentice. I was in awe of a man who seemed to personify strength, I was enamored with the fact that Trump would speak his mind regardless of how he was perceived, and I envied his success.

Consequently, I figured that if I acted like Trump, I could become as successful, powerful, and charismatic as Trump.  I began to emulate Donald Trump by “firing” any of my friends who were annoying me on that particular day. 

Word of this eventually reached my parents by way of other concerned parents (Snitches,) and I haven’t fired anyone since. But this goes to show you — people who support Donald Trump seem to have the moral compass and judge of the character similar to that of a second grader. 

I cite all of these things as a call to action for my liberal and conservative friends to stop  Donald Trump. However, it may be too late to stop Donald Trump in the sense that his’s influence will continue to persist. 

What happens if Trump doesn’t win the nomination? Do we think that a brokered convention in which someone else is the nominee will be the end of it? Do we honestly think that Trump will go quietly into the night? 

I am afraid not. And I hate to be a doomsday sayer, but it sure seems like Trump has unleashed Pandora’s Box, or maybe, Pandora’s Box released Trump and everything that he brings with him. 

At this point, assigning blame does no good; at this point, it is a matter of healing and containing the damage that has been done and will be done. What that will take is unbeknownst to me.    

Adrian Rivera is a native of Mission, Texas. He is an incoming freshmen at Yale University where he will study History, Global Affairs, or Ethics, Politics, and Economics. Adrian was a Yale Young Global...

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