National School Choice Week

President Trump released a proclamation in honor of National School Choice Week.

On Thursday afternoon, President of the United States, Donald Trump, released an official proclamation regarding National School Choice Week, which celebrates the ability for every American family to have a wider range of opportunities regarding where their children can go to school. It is recognized to take place through the week of January 22, 2017, to January 28, 2017.

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     National School Choice Week

1. Inequalities between students are real: The proclamation begins by addressing the fact that there are inequalities that exist between students in government schools, which thereby prevents some students from getting an education that is up to the standards of high-quality education.

The proclamation highlights that given the astounding reputation for many schools in the United States, some children currently do not have the privilege to go there.

2. Higher selection of school choice: With the School Choice act, there will be greater opportunities and a higher selection of school choice for every family in America, and this will be one step closer to helping them achieve the “American Dream.”

In the proclamation, Donald Trump also encourages families to examine the various types of school choices that are available to their children, as well as encouraging State and Federal lawmakers to provide millions of families with the opportunity to expand their children’s’ school choices.

3. Commitment to equality: President Trump said in the proclamation that he commends our Nation’s students, parents, teachers, and school leaders for their commitment to quality, effective education. Insisting on the commitment to equality,  he called on States and communities to support effective education and school choice for every child in America.

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