LONDON—The deadline for British nationals to flee war-torn Sudan has passed, and fears are growing for thousands who remain trapped amidst the violence. The final evacuation flight departed with over 1,500 individuals flown to safety since Tuesday. However, the UK government’s decision to halt the rescue mission has left many Brits stranded without passports, unable to board the last few flights.

Despite claims of a ceasefire, the situation on the ground remains dangerous, with reports of people risking their lives to reach the airbase. To compound the issue, many are being turned away at the front line, even with proper documentation.

The Deputy Prime Minister chaired a meeting of COBRA in London on Saturday to address the crisis. The British government justified the decision to end the evacuation operation due to a “significant decline” in the number of citizens seeking rescue. Nonetheless, reports indicate that some UK nationals and their families are too afraid to attempt the perilous journey to the airport. The situation remains fluid, and concerns persist for those who remain in Sudan.


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