Tonight, President Biden addressed the nation on the recent tragic mass shootings and the need for Congress to pass commonsense laws to combat the epidemic of gun violence.

Too many places have become “killing fields, battlefields” in the US, said Biden in the opening of his speech.

“This time we must actually do something,” Biden told the nation. The President insisted that the actions he proposes are “not about taking away anyone’s guns.”

“I respect the culture” of lawful gun owners, Biden offered reassurance to Americans. However, he shared his view that the rights granted by the Second Amendment “are not unlimited.”

President Biden called the legislators to “expand background checks,” for weapon purchases, and pass “safe storage laws.”

Biden asked that Congress to:

  • resume the provisions under the former assault weapons ban
  • expand background checks
  • pass red flag and safe storage laws.

One of the measures Biden proposed today was to raise the age for gun ownership from 18 to 21. He explained how In Texas, one could buy an assault weapon at 18 but not a pistol.

“Don’t tell me raising the age won’t make a difference. Enough!” Biden expressed his political outrage.

“The question is now what will the Congress do,” said POTUS.

According to the White House, 56 candles were burning in the background, representing the victims of gun violence in all states and territories.

Without an assault weapons ban, he called for the minimum purchasing age to be raised to 21. He also called for a repeal to the “liability shield” around firearms manufacturers and requested increased mental health services. 

After finishing, he exited quietly and didn’t take shouted questions about how to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

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