Prime Minister Theresa May neglected to shake President Trump’s hand contributing to an awkward start to his visit at Number 10.

Onlookers were sparse as President Trump’s motorcade left St. James Palace and headed to 10 Downing Street on June 4, 2019.

10 Downing Street, more often known as Number 10, houses Prime Minister Theresa May and acts as the headquarters of the United Kingdom Government.

Upon arrival at Number 10, Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband Phillip made their way outside the building’s gates to welcome their visitors, President, and Mrs. Trump.

Philip May politely shook the hands of both the President and the First Lady, but the situation turned a bit awkward when the Prime Minister skipped out on a handshake with President Trump.

PM May did not shake hands with him as FLOTUS was reaching across to shake Philip May’s hand. 

Inside, Trump and Melania were shown a copy of the American Declaration of Independence.

“It’s a fascinating document, we think it has been in the UK for about 200 years”, PM May said.

Today Melania Trump toured 10 Downing Street and had tea with Philip May. Later she’ll attend a party in the 10 Downing Rose Garden before joining her husband and the Prime Minister for a visit to the Churchill War Rooms.

President Trump also has a full schedule as he’ll be participating in a bilateral meeting with the Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The three parties will also join one another for a working lunch and press conference.

After the President and First Lady visit the Churchill War Rooms, they’ll depart for a Reciprocal Dinner Reception with The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

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