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The White House Medical Unit is going to conduct a COVID-19 test on all members of the press corps who participate in today’s press briefings with President Trump. 

The White House and WHCA announced that everyone who will be in the room during the briefing will be given a fast COVID-19 test, with results expected to be delivered before the start of the briefing. The decision comes after the White House Correspondents Association confirmed yesterday that a member who had been at the White House is now experiencing #coronavirus symptoms,


For those interested in the “social distancing” spacing of seats in the White House briefing room:

Before the pandemic, all 49 seats in the room (seven rows, seven seats per row) would be occupied during the rare briefings, with each person no more than a few inches from at least one person and within two feet of as many as eight people.
In the first round of “distancing,” this was changed to every other seat, meaning that the typical seat was still barely two feet away from six others.

In this current round, with two occupied seats per row, those with seats are STILL within 3.5 feet of at least one person, and as many as four people for those with interior seats.

Also: A front-row TV pool seat is barely six feet away from whoever happens to be standing at the lectern at that moment.
Two date, three journalists that we know of who spent time in the briefing room came down with coronavirus-like symptoms. One tested negative.
Here is the guidance from the CDC web site:“Stay at least 6 feet (2 meters) from other people”

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