Over the past few weeks, much has happened regarding COVID-19. The FDA, CDC, and WH response team have taken big steps in slowing the spread of the virus. Masks have been mandated at many colleges and public-school systems, the booster vaccine is expected to be released, and vaccine mandates have been made at job locations. Now, it’s time to slow the spread once and for all. 

Mask up during the back-to-school season

During the past week, over 150 colleges took initiative to keep the mask mandate this fall. This mandate was made after the CDC made a summary of recent changes that stated that vaccinated people should continue to wear their masks indoors in areas of high transmission rates. 

This mandate has also been made for many public-school systems as well. Most states have made this mandate for children over the age of two years old due to the high transmission rate of the delta variant. 

What you should know about the booster vaccine

The FDA should be making an announcement in the next 48 hours related to the authorization of the booster shot. Most individuals that will be permitted to receive the booster will be immunocompromised and susceptible to break through cases. As of now, the booster would be given as a third dose of Pfizer or a third dose of Moderna. 

Vaccine mandates at job locations

The Justice Department and many employment lawyers say that it is legally acceptable for employers to mandate the vaccine for their employees. Many federal workers are currently required to receive the vaccine to continue to work for the government, as well as job sites such as Google, Walmart employees (depending on their job requirement), and Disney. 

With cases on the rise, and death rates on the rise, it is important to take precautions when in a public vicinity. Masks are now suggested for individuals to wear, and the vaccine is free and readily available for you to receive when you choose to do so. 

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Hannah Walker

Hannah Walker is a health reporter at The Pavlovic Today.

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