Trump’s lack of responsibility and close association with the white nationalist movement has instilled a new confidence in the perpetrators of hate crimes.

The rise of racist and anti-semitic groups are on the rise and have found a new ally in Donald Trump. The president’s inflammatory rhetoric has repeatedly stoked the proverbial flame of white nationalism. Donald Trump has become their figurehead,  his speeches inspiring homegrown terrorists and neo-Nazis all across America

Trump’s lack of responsibility and close association with the white nationalist movement has instilled a new confidence in the perpetrators of hate crimes. They now feel confident enough to blatantly march in the streets, knowing that their president will refuse to condemn their actions.

A Nationalist President

Donald Trump’s presidency has reignited demonstrations and hate crimes targeted towards immigrants and other minorities. The previously unrepresented organization of hate has found an ally in Trump. His repeated slander and libel perpetuates the belief that white Americans are superior, and that the “other” is the enemy. Racists have come out of the shadows, brazen and confident now that the White House administration have aligned themselves with white nationalism, using his speeches to  influence their acts of terror. His hateful rhetoric coupled with the increased hatred towards the Middle East has created a perfect storm, providing white nationalists an ideal platform to increase their visibility.

Since the 2016 election, the nation has been witness to multiple synagogue and mosque shootings, as well as public gatherings of white supremacists. The hateful speech that is present at Trump’s rallies inspires a form of dangerous nationalism that encourages acts of violence that are frequently racially motivated. The president’s clear disdain for countries whose people are not white is aligned with the sentiments of groups, who until recently were resigned to the shadows without mainstream support.

Only four years ago, an engraved swastika or the word n****r written on someone’s door or car would have been an isolated incident. Now, these incidents are a common occurrence, with swastikas appearing on temples and private property on a daily basis is that true? On a daily basis, and the word n****r in the lexicon of every aspiring racist.

With a white nationalist masquerading as a politician with the interests of the country at heart, the racists and neo-Nazis have found an ally in the White House. Trump’s resistance towards condemning hate crimes and white nationalism could be attributed to his reluctance of losing the bigger part of his supporters, who primarily identify as conservative white men. By playing the part of a president who is proud of his country, Trump is maintaining his popularity, yet he is also feeding into the rapidly growing white supremacist movements that were inspired by his rhetoric on the campaign trail four years ago.

Trump’s White Pride

The president has consistently refused to admit to his contribution towards the rebirth of the white nationalist movement. Despite his association with known leaders such as David Duke; the current or former? Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Trump consistently claims that he does not endorse hate crimes or the targeting of minorities, yet he makes no attempts to distance himself from groups who do so. After the Charlottesville riots, Trump’s attempt at recognizing a hate crime, was that both of the instigators were “very fine people”. His inability to denounce the actions of white terrorists only serves to stoke the flames of hate crimes in the United States further.

The president holds the same sentiments as white nationalists marching down the roads with tiki torches, and the mass shooters firing into synagogues and mosques. By openly giving credibility to the beliefs of white superiority, Trump has directly contributed to the rise in hate crimes.  He inspires and perpetuates the white power movement, through his fear mongering of immigrants and his belief of conservative white Americans being the only worthwhile category of the nation’s diverse demographics. The narrative of the White House is reflected in the actions of the people. Although the hate has always been a part of American society, it has been given a spotlight by the president himself.

Amanda Parisse is Generation Z Voice at the Pavlovic Today. She is studying Communications with an interest in psychology, at Goucher College in Towson Maryland. Her specific interests include civil liberties,...

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