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The Pavlovic Today joins Newspack

WASHINGTON DC— July 20, 2021, The Pavlovic Today joined the ecosystem of independent American publishers by launching a new website with Newspack, a platform that WordPress is building for small and medium-sized publishers.

Newspack, a project of, Automattic, and the Google News Initiative, is an all-in-one publishing platform that incorporates industry best practices to help small and medium-sized news organizations produce great journalism, drive audience, and generate revenue. 

Independent journalism is the state of mind. Today marks a new chapter for what began as my own individual idea to build an independent media platform and grew into a marketplace of ideas for independent and creative analyses on global affairs, politics, personal well being, cultural trends, joy and sorrow, love and life, and everything else that makes us human as the world goes round.

The Pavlovic Today features experts, professionals, those on the ground, and Gen Z  and Millenials, those who live and breathe the stories and not simply tell them.

I am proud to announce the new website for The Pavlovic Today with Newspack, which goes live as of now. Thank you to all our contributing writers and loyal readers,” said the Founder Ksenija Pavlovic Mcateer

Newspack set out in 2019 to work with a dozen publications to create the platform, with support from the Knight Foundation, the Lenfest Institute, Civil Media, and Google.The Pavlovic Today joins the growing community of newsrooms on the platform, with 103 sites across the world already live on the publishing platform. 

Kinsey Wilson, who is the President of and Founder and Head of Newspack at Automattic, and Jim Brady, CEO of Spirited Media, are the key figures behind this groundbreaking digital publishing project.

Wilson previously oversaw innovation and strategy for the New York Times and was Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer of NPR. Brady was formerly an Executive Director for the Washington Post, Editor in Chief of Digital First Media, General Manager of TBD, Head of News and Sports for America Online, and in various other roles. He also served as a public editor for ESPN. The two both left their big organizations to help the industry of independent journalism thrive worldwide. 

The Pavlovic Today produces original content and independent analysis on a daily basis. Readers everywhere can now find the work of The Pavlovic Today’s journalists at