In the wake of escalating tensions that have gripped northern Kosovo for several months, a climax unfolded on Sunday, September 24th, as violence erupted in Banjska, resulting in the tragic loss of at least four Serbian lives and one Kosovo policeman.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, responding to a critical situation, has formally requested on Tuesday the Quint’s authorization for the NATO-led KFOR mission to assume full control over northern Kosovo. According to a high-ranking government official The Pavlovic Today spoke to, President Vucic made this request during the United Nations General Assembly week that took place last week in New York.

The confirmation comes after The Pavlovic Today’s exclusive reporting told by a senior diplomatic source that last week in NYC in an informal closed-door meeting with the US official the topic was brought up by “at least two” leaders from the Western Balkans other than Serbia.

The rational for the KFOR to take on a larger role is that local Serbs could feel much safer than they do now.

During a press briefing today, The Pavlovic Today posed a question to Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s spokesperson regarding the United States’ position on whether NATO-led KFOR should assume a more substantial role in overseeing the volatile northern region.

THE PAVLOVIC TODAY: Western Balkans leaders have called for NATO-led mission KFOR to take on complete responsibility for Northern Kosovo. What is the United States position regarding the proposal for NATO KFOR to assume a more substantial role and take full control of the Northern Kosovo to prevent further escalation?

In response, Matt Miller, Secretary Blinken’s spokesperson, carefully navigated the sensitive diplomatic terrain.

” I think that I will, with respect to that, say that what we think is important is that all the parties immediately work in coordination with international partners to de-escalate the situation, ensure security and rule of law, and return to the EU-facilitated dialogue,” stated Matt Miller, Secretary Blinken’s spokesperson.

YouTube video
Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer, CEO and Editor in Chief of The Pavlovic Today asks Blinken’s Spokesperson about the US stance on KFOR taking full control of the northern Kosovo


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