As the president enters his third day in the hospital, watch this space for the latest, real-time updates on President Trump’s health from Walter Reed. 


10:01 AM EDT

Good morning from the White House. 
Pool was tested for COVID-19 this morning and is loading into the motorcade now for a trip to Walter Reed. 


WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR: the president has received the second dose of Remdesivir without any complications. Dr. Conley has issued a Saturday night follow-up to inform the public that President Trump “remains fever free and off supplemental oxygen”. 

While the president is not yet “out of the woods”, the medical team at Walter Reed “remains cautiously optimistic”.

The Pavlovic Today’s source at the White House has confirmed that on Friday, President Trump received oxygen at the White House. 

Last night, Trump posted a video in which he expressed genuine gratitude for the support he is getting and said that he is doing well and is hoping to be back soon. He reiterated Mark Meadows’s initially anonymous quote, that the next 48 hours will be a “real test” for the positive outcome of his condition. 

Trump: I came here. Wasn’t feeling so well. I feel much better now. We’re working hard to get me all the way back. … I think I’ll be back soon. I look forward to finishing up the campaign the way it was started and the way we’ve been doing. The kind of numbers we’ve been doing, we’ve been so proud of it. … We’re going to beat this coronavirus, or whatever you want to call it…

On Saturday night on FOX news Meadows went on the record to say that President Trump “is doing extremely well”. White House Chief of Staff said that he is “very, very optimistic, based on the current results. And as the doctor said, he’s not out of the woods. The next 48 hours or so, with the history of this virus, we know, can be tough. And — but he’s made unbelievable improvements from yesterday morning when I know a number of us, the doctor and I, were very concerned.”

Early this morning, the president was with his phone, tweeting a Thank You note to his supporters who are gathering in front of Walter Reed. 

The new individuals in Trump’s circle who tested positive for COVID19 are Chris Christie and Luna, President Trump’s body man. 


10:36 AM EDT

Pool arrived at Walter Reed at 10:34 am.

I’ve asked the White House if and at what time we’ll get another briefing from Dr. Conley and the president’s medical team and will share any information as soon as that becomes available. 


11:07 AM EDT

The pool has been informed that there will be a briefing at 11:30 am. The White House advises that they expect it to be delivered by Dr. Conley and the president’s medical team. 

A podium has been set up in front of the golden doors. 


 11:40a AM EDT

Mark Meadows, Dr. Conley, and the president’s medical team emerged from the hospital at 11:40 am and are now briefing the press. 

Today’s briefers, per the White House: CDR Sean Conley, DO (the White House listed him as an MD, but other poolers point out that he’s a DO); COL Sean N. Dooley, MD; CAPT John Hodgson, MD; CDR Wesley R. Campbell, MD; Robert Browning, MD; Brian Garibaldi, MD

According to COL Dr. Sean Conley, President’s condition “has continued to improve” and he can be discharged “as soon as tomorrow”. 

Dr. Sean Dooley said that Trump continues to improve and remains fever-free. He said that President Trump is walking around without limitation or disability. The medical team at Walter Reed keeps monitoring his cardiac, liver, and kidney function. 

Dr. Brian Garibaldi said that the President completed yesterday the second dose of Remdesivir without any complications. Today’s plan, according to the President’s doctors is to have the president remain mobile and to get him to eat and drink. If the president continues to be well as he is today, Dr. Garibaldi said that he may be discharged tomorrow already. 

Yesterday, there were two instances where POTUS had drops in oxygen down to about 93 percent. The oxygen never fell below 90 percent according to Dr. Conley. President Trump’s blood oxygen level is 98 percent right now, Dr. Conley says.

President’s doctor was asked whose statements should be believed, referring to the White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Dr.Conley said that Mark Meadows’s statement was “misconstrued” and that in his quote distributed to the White House press, he was talking about the concerns he had for president Trump’s condition before he went to Walter Reed.

Dr. Conley said that the initial episode that occurred at the White House involved a drop in oxygen levels but that it turned out to be limited and transient. “If everything continues to go well”, said Dr. Conley, the president can be discharged “as soon as tomorrow”. 

The briefing wrapped at 11:50 am. 

WH Chief of staff Mark Meadows, Dr. Conley, and the rest of the president’s medical team have re-entered the building. 

The pool loaded into the press vans and began rolling back to the White House at 12:17 pm. 

3:51 PM EDT

President Trump tweeted: I really appreciate all of the fans and supporters outside of the hospital. The fact is, they really love our Country and are seeing how we are MAKING IT GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE!

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