Brigitte Macron

After the State Dinner, France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron decided to treat herself and her friends to some real Italian food in Washington D.C.  She stepped out for lunch with friends at the Georgetown hotspot, Il Canale is known for hosting film stars and international dignitaries.

The glamorous first lady of France walked into Il Canale at 1 pm on Wednesday. Dressed in a timeless black outfit, she was a walking picture of effortless elegance and chick Parisian vibes. In the company of her ten guests, she sat at the central table in the restaurant’s main dining room. France’s Mrs. Marcon did not request any special treatment,  insisting to dine as “one of the people”.

This is the first time we’ve gotten a good glimpse at Mrs. Macron in the USA, who during her private lunch with a group of friends did not shield herself from Washingtonians.

Not only did she dine at a regular, albeit high-end, restaurant in Washington, she opted out of the flashy entourage and security ensemble during her outing, bringing with her only the bare minimum security. Mrs. Macron only had two members of the USSS present, who sat at a separate table. Her main bodyguard who took headlines for looking more like a runaway mannequin than a security detail was sitting at the head of her table, which shows that Brigitte is one egalitarian first lady. Brigette was having Capricciosa pizza and a Sicilian Legrein Rose. For dessert, she had Cannoli, Italian pastries of the Sicily region. While Melania had organized the state dinner to include a French menu prepared by the White House Executive Chef, Christeta Comerford, Brigitte Macron, on her last day in Washington opted for food from Napoli. If only Melania knew that, she would have served to Macrons Italian food instead of the French menu. Despite her grandeur and status as First Lady of one of the most integral democracies in the world, Mrs. Macron displayed no semblance of eminence or superiority. Perhaps the biggest ode to her apparent down-to-earth character was her stopping to say goodbye to everyone in the dining room in the restaurant, while also taking several photos with whoever asked her for a picture. On her way out of Il Canale,  Mrs. Macron said bye to everyone dining at the restaurant and stepped into the black limousine that was awaiting her.

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