After defeating a High Court challenge to block the first deportation flight of asylum seekers to Rwanda, the first plane with 31 people on board will set off on Tuesday next week. Justice Jonathan Swift ruled in High Court in London on Friday that the first group of migrants could be deported next Tuesday.

The Home Office has won its claim that the policy is lawful under the Refugee Convention and that its plans to give asylum seekers in the UK a one-way ticket to Rwanda are in the public interest.

The Home Office said that more than 10,000 asylum seekers have endangered their lives by crossing the Channel in small boats and that it is in the great public interest to deter people from making those dangerous journeys.

Prince Charles has reportedly called the deportation flight to Rwanda policy “appalling,” according to the Times. Clarence House is not denying the reports but insists that Prince Charles is not trying to influence government policy.

Campaign groups say the UK government policy to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is inhumane and that they will continue to keep fighting.

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