It is bright outside. It is Wednesday. I am your in-town print pooler for today. 

I made it through the medical tent that guards the northwest gate, past the aide with the thermometer, and onto White House grounds with a temperature of 95.3 degrees. Temps are being taken, as is now protocol. But there were no delays and, while it is quieter and more sparse than usual, plenty of our colleagues are already present. 
It is bright outside. It is Wednesday. I am your in-town print pooler. 
The coronavirus briefing is set for 11:30AM. It will be live-streamed and on cable. I will do my best to pass along color, if any, that’s not already visible on your television screen. 
The president does not have any public events on his agenda. He has a phone call with airline executives (10AM), a business roundtable teleconference (10:45AM), a call with physicians (1:30PM), and a briefing with nurses (3:30PM). 

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