It’s Sunday and another weekly edition of the Balkan Voice is in from of you. This week, we bring you an exclusive interview with none other than Alex Machaskee, former CEO of Ohio’s largest newspapers The Plain Dealer. Machaskee, in a tell-all exposé, reveals untold details about his encounters with the Serbian heads of state. It appears that each administration failed to seize the golden opportunities for Serbia he presented them.

We also feature the news from Chicago.

Newly inaugurated Mayor of Chicgao Brandon Johnson has took the rains of the Windy City. In his speech, Johnsons said that he often thinks about his upbringing and the lessons that his parents

“My mother is not here today. She’s an ancestor. But my mother had the biggest heart of anyone that I. She always made room for one more at the table. A cousin, a neighbor, someone in need of a warm meal and a warm embrace,” he said. Johnson added that his mom thought him to love people and his father thought him what it means to work hard and to be accountable.

The new Chicago administration has forged a crucial partnership with the Biden administration. Together, they will embark on the initiative called ALL INside, specifically designed to combat the pressing issue of unsheltered homelessness.

Stay tuned, dear readers, as the Balkan Voice continues to bring you the latest buzz and captivating stories that leave you wanting more. Sunday is made better with the Balkan Voice.

Happy reading.


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