Welcome to this week’s issue of The Balkan Voice, we are celebrating perseverance in the face of adversity and we have two incredible features that are sure to captivate your attention.

First up, we have Milo Dubak, co-founder of PURE Companies, who shares his inspiring story of overcoming adversity and building a thriving business in the heart of Chicago. As you read through his interview, you will be amazed by his perseverance and resilience, and we hope his story serves as a reminder that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Next, we take a dive into the glamorous world of fashion, where we catch up with Aleksandra Markovic, a successful fashion stylist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. From her humble beginnings as an immigrant in New York City to working with celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Heidi Klum, Markovic’s journey is one of passion, creativity, and hard work.

At The Balkan Voice, we are committed to bringing you stories that educate, entertain, and inspire. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our latest weekly edition.

Happy reading. Sunday is made better with The Balkan Voice.


The Balkan Voice Unveils The Untold Story Of Alex Machaskee

It’s Sunday and another weekly edition of the Balkan Voice is in from of you. This week, we bring you an exclusive interview with none other than Alex Machaskee, former CEO of Ohio’s largest newspapers The Plain Dealer. Machaskee, in a tell-all exposé, reveals untold details about his encounters with the Serbian heads of state.…

Alex Machaskee : My Experience With Serbia Is A Long List Of Missed Opportunities

Alex Machaskee’s family history is a rich tapestry of immigration and adaptation, woven across generations of Serbian Americans. His paternal grandmother, Milica Uzelac, hailed from Glina, Croatia, and married Alexander Macesic upon their arrival in the United States via Baltimore. Their sojourn across the vast expanse of the Atlantic brought them to the shores of…

Balkan Voice Pays Tribute To Late Serbian-American Michael Djordjevic

The Balkan Voice starting off this week’s edition on a somber note with a touching tribute from Culture Editor, Milos Rastovic, to the late Miroslav Michael Djordjevic, one of the most prominent Serbian-Americans. Meanwhile in Chicago, as the Lightfoot administration makes way for the new Mayor, the city is on the hunt for a new…

Chicago’s Community Commission Seeks Input From Residents For Next Police Superintendent

CHICAGO—The Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability in Chicago is seeking input from residents to help find the next superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. The commission is asking for the public’s feedback on what qualities to consider in the selection process. A survey has been created for community members to provide their insights…

The Last Farewell To Miroslav Michael Djordjevich

In mournful tones, we announce the passing of Miroslav Michael Djordjevich, a great Serbian-American whose legacy shall live on. This champion of the Serbian cause established the Serbian Unity Congress in 1990 and ascended to its presidency, leaving an indelible mark on the Serbian-American community. In 1990, Djordjevich founded the Serbian Unity Congress and became…

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Ksenija Pavlovic is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Pavlovic Today, The Chief White House Correspondent. Pavlovic was a Teaching Fellow and Doctoral Fellow in the Political Science department...

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