In a less than perfect world, concert security is no longer robust enough to protect concert-goers of the ongoing barbarity from inhumane acts carried out by extremist groups such as the infamous ISIS.

The tragic events of the Manchester terror attack at the Ariana Grande music show, set off a trigger showing how flawed concert security truly is, as well as showing the uttering importance for governments to take comprehensive measures to restore safety.

The Ariana Grande concert had a major security flaw

The catastrophic attack in Manchester this Monday by suicide bomber Salman Abedi has killed twenty-two people while leaving another twenty-two in critical condition. For the first time since 2008, the UK terrorist threat level has been raised to “critical” by Theresa May, meaning the possibility of a second attack is expected immediately. The UK is inevitably in a critical state right now; the question is: could have this attack been prevented?

At 10:30 pm on Monday night, Abedi detonated the bomb inside the foyer of the Manchester Arena, and just like that twenty-two innocent people become the victims of the explosion, with the remaining audience attempting to flee to safety.

What is particularly frightening, however, is how easily Abedi was able to carry out this gruesome act. The point of having concert security is to ensure that everyone at the venue is able to enjoy a concert safely and unharmed. But if this the case, then it is a shame that security at Ariana Grande’s concert failed to deliver.

It is important to note that there is no blaming for concert security going on here. It is simply important to address that we need to change the system to prevent another calamitous event from happening in the future.

According to Chris Robinette, CEO of Prevent Advisors, a stadium, and arena security firm, “Our system is currently built around the idea that it’s from the perimeter of the building in.” This means that exterior areas such as parking lots and foyer areas are left untouched, and people are extremely vulnerable to brutality given the current state of the world.

How can we change the system?

As seen with the location of the Manchester attack, it is crucial for security personnel to reallocate themselves to areas where people are the most unsafe. However, it is an unfortunate truth that terrorists and other violent extremists will see this coming and will try to find another way to carry out their gruesome deeds. This is why we need to be adaptable and to stop these sick individuals from getting what they want. Given the current advancement of technology, it is incredibly important for security to have adequate weapons such as guns to protect themselves, as well as taking proactive measures if they need to.

The use of smart technology such as bomb-sniffing nanotechnology should also be set in place the earlier, the better. Finally, every individual entering a concert or other big event must go through mandatory metal detectors and other screening measures. While this does not ensure that an attack will not happen outside of the venue, it does ensure that anyone inside the venue is safe.

In response to the Manchester bombing, there is a heightened awareness for concert security around the world in countries such as Canada, where The Weeknd is scheduled to perform this weekend at the Air Canada Centre. In times like this, security personnel must be extra cautious and should be careful not to discuss any detailed security plans with the public.

Concert-goers should take precautionary measures to be safe, such as avoiding sketchy areas around the venue. However, they should also remember that terrorist attacks are a calculated risk, so they should continue to have fun.

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Canada-based Ayushi Patel, through her writing wants to help people overcome and fight injustices that are occurring in their lives.

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