In today’s fast-paced world, where international travel and relocations are commonplace, long-term financial stability is the paramount. For countless individuals and families, the call of opportunity or personal choice leads them to live and work in foreign lands. However, many eventually return to their roots, reaffirming the timeless adage: “home is where the heart is.”

This sentiment is no different for citizens of Serbia, many of whom have scattered across the globe. Whether they’re planning to return to Serbia or not, one crucial aspect of their financial future is ensuring they have a private pension. It’s an investment in the security of their later years and can even benefit loved ones.

The beauty of voluntary pension funds in Serbia is that they are accessible to all citizens, no matter where they currently reside. In fact, even foreign nationals can participate on equal terms. This means that every individual, irrespective of their employment status and work history, can secure a private pension. Contributions can be made by an individual for their own future or for the benefit of a family member, spouse, child, or even a non-family associate. Employers can also make contributions on behalf of their employees.

Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund

The flexibility of this type of savings for retirement is unparalleled. Fund members have the freedom to choose their contribution level, and they can adjust this amount as many times as they wish. Contributions can be made on a monthly basis, periodically, or as a lump sum, adapting to one’s financial situation. Importantly, any pause in contributions doesn’t jeopardize the contributor’s rights.

To get started, the minimum contribution in the Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund, operating within the Dunav Insurance Company, is just 1,000 dinars.

Contributions are safely held in a personal account for each fund member. These accounts, along with any necessary changes, can be easily accessed through a unique username and password at the website. Furthermore, the assets of all fund members are wisely invested in legally regulated instruments, yielding returns on investments.

Age is no barrier, anyone can start building their private pension

Age is no barrier to joining the fund, and there is no minimum age limit. Anyone can start building their private pension at any time.

Reaching the age of 58 marks a significant milestone, not just in terms of life experience, but also in securing your financial future. At this age, both men and women in Serbia have the opportunity to start receiving private pension annuities through the Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund. What makes this program truly remarkable is the flexibility it offers when it comes to how you receive your well-deserved pension.

As a fund member, you have the power to choose the payment method that best suits your individual needs and preferences. Here are the options available to you:

1. Lump-Sum Payment: One choice is to withdraw 30% of the accumulated funds as a lump sum. This provides an immediate cash injection, allowing you to fulfill specific financial goals or dreams.

2. Fixed-Term Annuities: If you prefer a more structured approach, you can opt to receive annuities for a set period of time, but not less than one year. This option ensures a regular income stream for a predetermined duration, which can be particularly useful for budgeting and planning.

3. Lifetime Annuities: For those seeking long-term financial security, the fund offers the option of lifetime payments in the form of regular annuities. This means you’ll receive a consistent income for the rest of your life, offering peace of mind and financial stability.

4. Custom Combinations: Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund is that you’re not restricted to just one of these options. You have the flexibility to create a custom combination that suits your unique situation. For instance, you can select a partial lump sum for immediate needs while securing the rest as lifetime annuities.

Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund

The operations of all pension funds in Serbia, as well as the companies overseeing them, are strictly supervised by the National Bank of Serbia, ensuring your financial security.

Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund stands as a beacon in the Serbian pension landscape, with assets totaling a substantial 21.7 billion dinars, commanding over 41% of the market share, and a community of 92,000 members. To date, they’ve disbursed 8.3 billion dinars in lump-sum payments to 58,000 individuals, and 1,218 private pension annuities are regularly distributed.

For comprehensive information on securing your financial future and that of your loved ones, visit

Let your financial future shine just as brightly with the Dunav Voluntary Pension Fund. It’s your future, your choices, and your peace of mind.

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