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There will be lots of anger in these elections 2016. There already has been, and there’s plenty more to come.

The US Presidential elections 2016 are likely to be the most negative in decades.  Both like candidates, Clinton and Trump, are disliked by a majority of Americans in most polls.  Americans should therefore direct their anger towards the candidates and the political establishment, instead of each other, according to Richard Wagner

OK, Bernie Sanders isn’t officially out yet, but let’s face it.  We’re probably looking at Clinton v. Trump 2016 (I’ll happily eat my words if I’m wrong).  Both of these candidates stir a lot of hatred, and for good reason.  It’s more obvious with Trump!  I don’t think I need to repeat what’s already been said all over the internet, as well as right here at the Pavlovic Today.  I won’t list everything, but here’s a few of the things I hate about Trump.  His comments about Mexican immigrants were disgusting!  The entire world religion of Islam is not responsible for the actions of Al Qaeda any more than I, as a Christian white American Southerner am responsible for the KKK.  To the passive follower of politics, it likely appears that the Republicans have lost their minds while the Democrats have picked someone “safe” and “qualified”.


Clinton is neither “safe” nor the most “qualified”

Yet Clinton, Mrs. Qualified, hardly has a stellar track record when it comes to policy.  As Sec. of State, Clinton persuaded Obama to invade Libya.  The Benghazi massacre soon followed.  Obama now considers his handling of Libya to be his greatest mistake as President.  I could give a long list of terrible decisions made by Hillary Clinton (and I will soon enough), not to mention her husband (as I already have here, here, and here), but that’s not the point of this post.

There were far more qualified candidates who were passed up by highly emotional voters more interested in Trump’s “Make America Great Again” sentiments, or Clinton because “OMG Trump!”.  Now, we’re stuck with two lousy choices.  

The good candidates are out for the Presidential elections 2016

If you, my fellow American, think Clinton is a little less terrible than Trump, I’ll not hate you for it.  You know that I think Trump is a little less terrible than Clinton.  To all of my fellow Americans who tried to nominate someone better, such as Jim Webb, Bernie Sanders, Jim Webb, Rand Paul, Jim Webb, or even Kasich, or O’Malley…or Jim Webb; to all who supported any of these candidates, I say, thanks for trying.  

If you were a full on Clintonite or Trumpster from day one, I don’t hate you.  I’m frustrated, yes!  Is it really so important to get a “first woman President” that you’re willing to overlook Clinton’s horrible track record?  And Trumpsters!  Do you really think he’s going to make Mexico pay for a wall?  Do you honestly think it’s possible to keep all Muslims from entering the country? Still, I don’t hate you.  

We’re all Americans

In the end, if you care about this country, and did what you thought was best, then we’re on the same side!  We all love the same country!  We live in the greatest, most powerful nation on earth, and there are a lot of rivals out there who’d like to see us fall.  Whomever we’re stuck with for President starting 2017, I won’t wish to fail.  I’m not Rush Limbaugh.  Patriotism is far more important than partisanship.  During these elections in 2016, I’ll be critical, especially if it’s Clinton!  But if Clinton starts on a policy that I think is good for the country, I’ll support her. Regardless of the outcome of these elections 2016, I want what’s best for America!

My choice for “lesser evil”

In the Clinton v. Trump matchup in these, I’m willing to vote for Trump, because I care about American jobs and keeping us out of anymore Middle Eastern quagmires a lot more than Trump’s offensive comments.  If you think Trump is so terrible that you’re willing to vote Clinton, I understand.  But if Trump does win, I hope you won’t resort to the same obstructionist tactics that most of the Republican Party resorted to in 2009.  I certainly won’t if Clinton wins.  

There will be lots of anger in these elections 2016.  There already has been, and there’s plenty more to come.  But in the end, I think what most of us are really angry about, is that we’re having to vote for somebody bad, because the other one is worse! Let’s not hate each other for disagreeing over who is worse.  The more we fight each other, the more we fuel the hatred and divisiveness in the American political culture, the more our people suffer.  

There’s an African proverb, 

When the elephants fight, the grass gets hurt

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Richard Wagner is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Florida State College at Jacksonville. He conducts independent study on the American conservative movement and foreign policy. When he is...

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