Steve Scalise, the Republican Majority Leader, has accused the White House and the FBI of obstructing their lawful access to important documents containing allegations against President Joe Biden.

When asked by The Pavlovic Today during a press conference on Tuesday to respond to the Washington Post article that the White House has been circulating to the press, which claims that sources familiar with the investigation state that the  “allegation contained in the document was reviewed by the FBI at the time and was found to not be supported by facts,” Scalise expressed his skepticism towards the motives of the Biden administration. 

“Why would the White House then be trying to block the facts from coming out? Because they are,” asserted Scalise. The Republican Majority Leader  highlighted Representative James Comer’s need to threaten Congress with the possibility of contempt proceedings due to the committee’s inability to obtain the requested documents.

“The White House and the FBI are trying to block our ability to exercise our legal right to go look at those documents, “ he declared. 

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The documents in question, according to Scalise, pertain to an allegation made by a whistleblower suggesting that Joe Biden, during his tenure as Vice President, may have been involved in a “quid pro quo” pay-to-play scheme.

The White House and the FBI are trying to block our ability to exercise our legal right to go look at those documents.

Steve Scalise, The Republican Majority Leader

“That’s something everybody in the press ought to be looking into as well, whether it happened or not. When you’re blocking the facts from even coming to light, how can you say the facts don’t back it up?Because, the White House is blocking us from even being able to see the facts,” said Scalise.

“ We’ve got a legal right to get those documents and we’re going to do it and that’s why the contempt resolution has been put on the table,” Scalise reiterated, emphasizing the Republicans’ determination to obtain the documents.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik: FBI is not above the law

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, a member of the Intel Committee and House Republican Conference Chair, also chimed in to address The Pavlovic Today’s question regarding the Washington Post article.

Elise Stefanik at the press conference. [ Photo: The Pavlovic Today]

Stefanik emphasized that the FBI should be held accountable to Congressional oversight, stating, “The  FBI is not above the law and Congressional committees have oversight of this agency.”

She criticized the agency for repeatedly refusing to comply with congressional requests and testify before Congress, asserting,  “We have seen again and again on issues, their refusal to comply with congressional requests, refusal to even come testify in front of the Hill.”

“ That needs to change,” she declared.

“ We’re elected by the American people and are accountable to the American people, not unelected bureaucrats who are abusing their positions of authority,” Stefanik added.

Regarding the unmasking of the whistleblower, Stefanik suggested that the requested documents could have the individual’s name redacted. She also highlighted the similar behavior exhibited by Secretary of State Blinken, stating, “ We’ve seen this from the Secretary of State [Blinken] as well.”

Stefanik expressed support for the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee James Comer (R-Ky.) and how he handled the situation. She criticized the press for not giving attention to the story, recalling a time when the press corps was eager for Congress to open investigations based on whistleblower allegations.

“I remember not that long ago when everyone in the press corps was eager to make sure Congress opens investigation when it came to whistleblower allegations,”  Stefanik stated.

She found it “frustrating” that the press now believes Congress should disregard the whistleblower’s claim in this particular case involving the sitting President.


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  1. When are you people going to go after the “ sealed” 10k secret documents obamass took and the secret email scandal of hitlery clinton yet you people vehemently go after Trump and forcing your agenda to find him guilty?
    The press, FBI and DOJ are assisting the Democratic Party to overthrow our own government yet these same people orchestrated the January 6th riots and blamed Trump?
    This whole thing stinks of the rockafellers, Rothschilds and Soros!

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