THE PAVLOVIC TODAY: Today, Gabriel Escobar is in Pristina and he’s going tomorrow to Belgrade? I don’t know if you’re aware of that, but if you are, can you tell us a little bit about the meetings that took place today in Pristina and the expectations for the meeting with the Serbian president tomorrow in Belgrade?

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VEDANT PATEL: Sure. Let me see if I…

THE PAVLOVIC TODAY: That’s Serbia-Kosovo conversation.

VEDANT PATEL: So to take a step back, the U.S. fully supports this EU-facilitated dialogue, and as you noted, deputy assistant secretary of state within our EUR Bureau – Escobar – is traveling to Pristina and Belgrade to support this process. As you all know also, the Secretary had a chance to speak with both the Serbian president and the Kosovo prime minister early last week, and the Secretary underscored the United States support for the EU-facilitated dialogue and urged constructive engagement to secure peace and stability across the region.

THE PAVLOVIC TODAY: But nothing about the meetings that took place today?

VEDANT PATEL: I don’t have anything to offer immediately, but we’ll see if there’s a more specific readout coming.

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  1. a very simple solution – a community of Serbian municipalities with executive powers and the admission of Serbia to the EU. after that recognition of Kosovo by Serbia.

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