Speaker McCarthy is putting a stop-gap government spending bill on the House floor, citing President Biden’s “historic failure on the southern border” as the primary reason.

A government shutdown appears imminent as the clock ticks towards midnight on Saturday. The blame game intensifies, with the White House closely monitoring the countdown to the midnight expiration of federal funding. This morning, a memo circulated accusing House Republicans of “unilaterally pulling the country toward a shutdown” and “breaking the promise to the American people.”

At a press conference preceding the government shutdown, Speaker McCarthy argued in favor of the stop-gap measure, citing concerns about Biden’s open borders policy and the severe migrant crisis so severe that even “The lights are dimming on Broadway.”

The proposed measure seeks to reduce government funding and impose stringent immigration restrictions, positioning House Republicans as defenders of government continuity. However, its prospects on both the House and the Senate floor appear uncertain, potentially leading to an impasse with no clear resolution in sight.

During the press conference, McCarthy emphasized the need for a stop-gap measure “to allow the House to continue to finish its work to make sure our military gets paid and to ensure our border agents get paid as they complete their assigned tasks.” Another significant motivation, according to McCarthy, is addressing President Biden’s “historic failure” on the southern border.

Addressing Congressional reporters, Speaker McCarthy revealed alarming statistics, stating that in the past five days alone, there have been 50,000 illegal border crossings in America. He emphasized the contrast by remarking that in 50 years, he had shared more dinners with Hunter’s business partners than visited the border, accusing Biden of “deliberately making this happen.”

McCarthy asserted that Biden’s policies have “destroyed” New York and referenced Mayor Adams’ statement that migrants should seek refuge “elsewhere.”

Expressing his frustration, McCarthy stated, “The White House won’t listen.” He reaffirmed his commitment to changing Washington and standing up for the American people.

Regarding concerns about hard-liners within his party potentially rejecting his stopgap spending plan later in the day, McCarthy expressed uncertainty, saying, “We’ll see. I can’t understand why someone would side with President Biden in keeping the border open. When the vote comes, you should ask them that question.”

When asked about challenges to his Speakership, McCarthy responded, “I’ve never asked anybody that question, and I don’t intend to.”

Representative Matt Gaetz announced his opposition to the stopgap spending bill during the House floor session.


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