New Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) proposal to separate Israel funding from Ukraine and offset the $14.3 billion in Israel aid with cuts to the IRS budget is facing a resounding rejection in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Ben Cardin (D-Md.) unequivocally declared the House Republican proposal to reduce IRS funding in exchange for aiding Israel as “dead on arrival” in the Senate.

“It’s a non-starter. It’s a poison pill,” he firmly stated.

The White House press secretary issued a robust statement in opposition to the House Republicans’ proposals. Democrats are resolutely united in their stance that a bipartisan agreement is needed to allocate aid to both Ukraine and Israel concurrently.

Senator Wicker, the leading Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee and a member of McConnell’s leadership team, expressed his belief that it is most prudent to keep these two national security priorities intertwined.

“I’m open to suggestions, but I think it’s important that we address the border, Ukraine, Israel, and provide Taiwan with what they need,” he remarked.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell urged his GOP colleagues during a recent lunch meeting to maintain the allocation of funds for Israel and Ukraine together.

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