Speaker John Bercow

In the wake of the no-confidence vote in the Speaker John Bercow of the UK Parliament, expect explosive revelations in the British Sunday papers.

Speaker John Bercow of the UK Parliament who violated political neutrality with an attempt to ban President Trump from Parliament is widely known for supporting the repatriation of non-white immigrants.

The UK puts a lot of emphasis on the special relationship with the United States and many Conservative Members of the parliament are of the opinion that the Speaker Bercow must be voted out of the parliament before President Trump comes to visit the UK, the visit for which the date or itinerary has not been yet confirmed.

The role of the Speaker of the House in the UK Parliament is to uphold political neutrality. However, despite knowing the rules, the Speaker stated how Trump cannot speak at the UK Parliament.

Bercow was forced to apologize to the Lord Speaker when it turned out that he had no authority to make such a decision unilaterally.

Tory MP, Alec Shelbrooke, said on Tuesday that Speaker John Bercow’s position was “untenable” because he is “not acting independently”.

Conservative MP, James Duddridge has triggered a vote of no-confidence in the Speaker of the House of Commons following Speaker Bercow’s unprecedented remarks about banning President Trump from addressing both Houses of Parliament in Westminster during his proposed state visit to the UK.

Questions have to be asked as to why the Speaker of the House of Commons had made these controversial statements at this time?

One possible reason is that the Speaker Bercow knows that his mandate will end next year and thus he wants to exit on the blaze of glory.

The second possible reason is that the Speaker Bercow of the House of Commons is playing to the constituency of his wife Sally Illman who is attempting for many years to become Labor MP.

Don’t be fooled by Speaker Bercow’s liberalism

Speaker Bercow was a far right conservative and is a defector to the Labor party. What seems to be Bercow’s liberal ideology is in fact pure political opportunism. Bercow was the member of the Conservative Monday Club where he stood for election on the anti-immigration ticket and was influenced by ideas of Enoch Powell.

In 1981 Bercow produced a personal manifesto which stated that: “The strengthening of our national identity demands a program of assisted repatriation.”

Bercow was the secretary of the Monday Club’s immigration and repatriation committee, which called for “an end to New Commonwealth and Pakistan immigration, a properly financed system of voluntary repatriation, the repeal of the Race Relations Act and the abolition of the Commission for Racial Equality”.

Bercow was anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-immigrant and was also a member of the Federation of Conservative Students, of which he became chairman at around the time the Federation was producing literature with the slogan “Hang Nelson Mandela”.

Speaker Bercow appears to have been on a political journey, he has not minded showing many heads of state around the British Parliament many of them with dubious domestic policies regarding human rights and their treatment of homosexuals.

What will happen next?

The source in the UK Parliament told The Pavlovic Today that the line in the sand must be drawn and that before President Trump comes for the official visit, Speaker Bercow must be voted out of the UK Parliament.

Speaker John Bercow

Andrew Bridgen MP stated today “Given his unprecedented remarks the Speaker must be removed before President Trump’s official State visit “

The group of Conservative members of the UK parliament who triggered the vote of confidence is aware that the power in numbers may not be enough to win the vote at this time and that the fight against Bercow will take to the battlefield outside of the UK Parliament.  In that regard, the British public can expect the explosive revelations about Speaker Bercow in the British Sunday papers.

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