The House Oversight and Accountability Committee, chaired by James Comer, R-Ky., has requested information from Serbian politician Vuk Jeremic as part of an inquiry into the business dealings of Hunter and James Biden. The committee is investigating President Joe Biden’s connections to certain international and domestic business transactions and practices, including his family and associates who allegedly peddled influence to generate millions of dollars for the Biden family.

In a letter to Jeremic, Rep. Comer stated the committee’s review of testimony in the federal criminal prosecution of United States v. Patrick Ho, according to Rep. Comer, made the members of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee believe that Jeremic has records and information related to the Biden family’s foreign business dealings.

“During the Patrick Ho trial, you testified that CEFC paid you hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to act as “consultant,” and in turn, you would “open doors” by introducing CEFC employees to business and political leaders in various countries.  Indeed, in December 2015, you attempted to introduce Chairman Ye and CEFC to Hunter Biden and his associates. Although it does not appear the meeting took place on that date, Hunter Biden would later develop a lucrative business relationship with Chairman Ye and CEFC.By 2017, Hunter Biden forged a partnership with Chairman Ye and planned to share office space with him and then former-Vice President Biden at the House of Sweden in Washington, DC,” Rep comer stated in a letter to Jeremic.

Based on Jeremic’s trial testimony, the committee believes that he possesses communications with CEFC employees regarding Hunter Biden. For instance, Jeremic testified about an email exchange with Patrick Ho where they organized a dinner between Chairman Ye and another person in Washington, DC, on December 6, 2015.

Outside the presence of the jury, the DOJ prosecutor requested the court to redact the name of the individual who Jeremic was “willing to bring to a dinner with the Chairman Mr. Ye” because it “could introduce a political dimension to this case that we [DOJ] don’t think is worth dealing with.”

Rep Comer has enclosed in a letter an email Jeremic sent requesting a meeting with Hunter Biden.

On Sunday, December 6th, I will have a private dinner in DC with an old friend from China – Ye Jiemaing [sp.] – one of the 10 wealthiest Chinese businessmen.

He is the Chairman and majority owner of CEFC China Energy, a second-largest privately owned company on Shanghai stock exchange.He’s very young and dynamic (39), with the top-level connection in his country. They have recently started making big investments abroad (billions of dollars), and plan on doing much more.

I would like to invite Hunter to join me at this private dinner (small dinner – this is not an event of any kind). I am confident that many interesting projects may come out of that in the future.

Email written by Vuk Jeremic requesting a meeting with Hunter Biden

The committee wants Jeremic to hand over all documents and communications between 2014 and present with Robert Hunter Biden, James Biden, Eric Schwerin, Devon Archer, and James Gilliar.

They also want all documents and communications between 2014 and present with any associate of CEFC, including Chairman Ye Jianming and Patrick Ho.

Finally, they want Jeremic to answer whether he knows if DOJ redacted Hunter Biden’s name from Exhibit 2739R in United States v. Patrick Ho.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee has requested Vuk Jeremic to provide all relevant documents and communications by March 7, 2023. Additionally, they have requested to interview Jeremic no later than March 14, 2023.

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