The United States has welcomed the agreement reached between Kosovo and Serbia through European Union facilitation on the implementation of their EU proposal agreed on February 27, on the path to normalization of relations, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“We commend the President of Serbia and Prime Minister of Kosovo for their leadership in reaching this agreement,” Blinken said. “Fulfilling Kosovan and Serbian obligations under the Basic Agreement, as part of sustained commitment to reconciliation, will secure significant opportunities for the people of both countries and accelerate their paths to European Union membership.”

Blinken added that the United States “will remain actively engaged,” in coordination with EU partners, to support Serbia and Kosovo in making the implementation work towards a “predictable and peaceful” relationship. The US will continue to support the advancement of stability and prosperity in the Western Balkans.

“We thank the EU for facilitating the talks and the Government of North Macedonia for hosting the parties and supporting finalization of this agreement,” Blinken said.


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