Secretary Blinken has expressed strong condemnation for the recent violent incidents targeting the Kosovo Force (KFOR) troops, law enforcement personnel, and journalists operating under the NATO-led mission. The US government has urged all parties involved to promptly take steps to de-escalate the rising tensions in the Western Balkans.

“The Government of Kosovo’s decision to force access to municipal buildings sharply and unnecessarily escalated tensions,” said Secretary Blinken.

“Prime Minister Kurti and his government should ensure that elected mayors carry out their transitional duties from alternate locations outside municipal buildings, and withdraw police forces from the vicinity,” urged the State Secretary.

The State Secretary further emphasized the responsibility of President Vucic and the Government of Serbia in this regard.

He urged them to lower the security status of the Serbian Armed Forces and to call upon Kosovo Serbs to halt their challenges to KFOR while refraining from engaging in further violence.


High Representative Josep Borrell Holds Discussions with PM Kurti and President Vučić Following Kosovo Police Attack

In the aftermath the attack on Kosovo Police officers, High Representative Josep Borrell swiftly initiated discussions with Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, aiming to address the escalating crisis. Borrell reiterated his urgent call for the “immediate surrender” of the assailants responsible for the attack and the secure release of pilgrims currently…

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