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Women’s History Month was celebrated in the White House with a luncheon in honor of military spouses held by the Second Lady, Vice President Pence’s wife, Karen.

Dusky dawn of a new spring embodies the spirit of March. This past month represents Women’s History Month, which was initially created in 1987 following a petition of the National Women’s History Project. The idea that jump-started this initiative thirty years ago was for a month, and specifically a day (March 8th) to be recognized as commemorative and honorary for all of the amazing feats and accomplishments that have been done by women.

Women’s History Month was celebrated in the White House with a luncheon held by  the Second Lady, Vice President Pence’s wife, Karen. She invited just over two dozen servicewomen to the White House, remarking on how, “(I) just want you to know how much we appreciate you, and I think a lot of times people in the military, men, and women, aren’t told enough how much we appreciate you. It’s not an easy place to be where you are and I think we’re learning that more and more in the position that we’re in.”

The Second Lady Karen Pence holds a special spot in her heart for those in military service, her son Michael is currently serving in the Marine Corps.

Mrs. Pence was born on November 18, 1958, in Kansas and has held a variety of careers including that of both an educator and a painter. She and her husband also have three children together.

This event, in particular, was prevalent due to the controversy her husband has faced regarding his views on women. On March 30th, he broke the tie in the Senate, therefore, allowing for anti-Planned Parenthood legislation to be passed and for federal funding to be significantly reduced, therefore limiting women’s access to affordable and accessible healthcare.

Vice President Pence has previously stated that “he never eats alone with a women other than his wife.” This archaic statement furthers Pence’s issue with credibility and the overall progress of the United States.

Although many view the Second Lady’s celebration of Women’s History Month as adequate, her husband’s most recent actions do the opposite of her intent. Instead of celebrating women and divulging deeper into the diverse global history of women that is often left out of school curriculums, he has made comments that undermine the very practice of it.

The Second Lady Pence did credit the First Lady, Melania Trump, with help on setting up the luncheon. Mrs. Trump has celebrated Women’s History Month in her own special way in New York City, by focusing her attention on women and children starting in the first week of March. Mrs. Pence was also joined by her daughter Charlotte at the event.

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