Sarah Sanders speaks to reporters outside her office following the dismissal of Priebus

Q: Was this Reince’s decision or the president’s?

Sarah H. Sanders: We all serve at the pleasure of the president. The conversations about this started with the president and Reince about two weeks ago, in terms of timing. I know everybody’s got a lot of questions on that.

Q: This has nothing to do with Anthony Scaramucci?

Sarah H. Sanders:  No. It doesn’t

Q: When did you find out about the decision?

Sarah H. Sanders:  Guys, we’re not going into all the process. I’ve given you about all I have.

Q: Does this signal any change in direction for the administration?

Sarah H. Sanders: Look, I think the president has been clear about his agenda since he started running for president. That certainly hasn’t changed.

Q: When was Kelly offered the job?

Sarah H. Sanders:  They’ve been talking about it for a while.

Q: What does Kelly bring to the job that Reince Priebus didn’t?

Sarah H. Sanders: That’s a question that I’ll let the president walk through.

Q: What does it mean for relations with the Republican Party?

Sarah H. Sanders:  We’ve got a good relationship. We’re going to continue working with the party and we’re going to continue doing what we came here to do.

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