Bernie Sanders puts principle before partisanship as he rightly calls out Hillary Clinton’s disastrous foreign policy.

Bernie Sanders puts principle before partisanship as he rightly calls out Hillary Clinton’s disastrous foreign policy.  

The highly partisan Melissa McEwan at “Blue Nation Review” just can’t understand why someone with a “D” next to his name (Sanders) would attack someone else with a “D” next to her name (Clinton), while neglecting to attack a man with an “R” next to his name (Trump).

Here is an excerpt from the befuddled Melissa McEwan:

But in response to Hillary unleashing a fierce and fiery and important attack on Donald’s reckless foreign policy proposals, unapologetic bigotry, and wretched temperament, Bernie doesn’t back her up. He doesn’t unleash his own equally devastating assault on the reckless and contemptible Trump. No. He goes after Hillary.

Yes, it’s so important that Mrs. Qualified, with her disastrous foreign policy record, to attack Donald Trump…because he says mean things.  Trump’s language is certainly reckless, but his actual “foreign policy proposals” are far less reckless than Hillary Clinton’s actual record.  Who in their right mind would say, if we’re trying to stop ISIS, we should attack the government in Syria that’s actually fighting against ISIS?  That would be like trying to defeat the Nazis during WWII by attacking the Soviet Union. But that was Clinton’s plan as Sec. of State and she still maintains that this would have been a sound policy.

Then there’s Libya

Hillary Clinton, as Sec. of State, largely spearheaded the effort to depose Gaddafi by force.  Once again, a secular dictator who could have helped to keep Al Qaeda and later ISIS in check, deposed because Clinton and her neocon allies in the Republican Party dreamt of a better world where the Middle Easterners put aside their religious bigotries and hold hands, thank America for bombing them into “freedom” and erect peaceful democracies with rights for LGBT people and equal rights for women.  You’d think after 7 years of Bush (he was actually more humble in his first year, pre-9/11) that Clinton would know better.  

I can forgive Clinton for making the mistake of voting for the invasion of Iraq if it were clear that she’s learned from it, but she hasn’t.  

Bernie Sanders isn’t thinking of the Democratic Party when he criticizes Clinton instead of Trump.  He’s thinking of our brave men and women in the armed forces, who signed on to protect the United States of America and its interests, rather than engage in neocon/Clintonian idealistic nation-building.  

McEwan may have lost respect for Sanders because she thinks it’s so important to stop Trump’s offensive comments, but I’ve gained further respect for Sanders for showing himself to be a true patriot.  

It’s no wonder that nearly half of Sanders voters in West Virginia said they’d be willing to support Trump over Clinton. I’m sure that’s much higher than the national average of Sanders voters, but it’s swing states like West Virginia that matter the most in a Presidential race.

If you want to know why I, a Bernie voter in the Dem. Primary, am willing to vote Trump over Clinton in a Gen. matchup, this is a good example of why.  When Dem. loyalists tell me that Clinton is so similar to Sanders, and “anybody but Trump”, they sound very similar to the NObamas of 2012 trying to get me to vote Romney.  Red partisans and blue partisans are just two sides of the same coin.  I’m glad Bernie Sanders isn’t one of them.

Richard Wagner is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Florida State College at Jacksonville. He conducts independent study on the American conservative movement and foreign policy. When he is...

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