Ensuring a worry-free journey extends beyond packing essentials and planning
sightseeing. The savvy traveler understands the paramount importance of safeguarding
their health and well-being against unforeseen medical expenses, making Dunav Travel
Health Insurance an indispensable companion.

What sets Dunav apart is its accessibility to foreign nationals, transcending borders
without the need for Serbian nationality. This travel health insurance caters to
individuals, groups (comprising 10 or more people), and families (ranging from 3 to 9
members). Notably, it accommodates those with either permanent residence or a permit
for temporary residence in the Republic of Serbia.

Foreign nationals can easily secure Dunav’s travel health insurance while in Serbia.
However, it’s crucial to note that the policy doesn’t extend to countries where travelers
are entitled to alternative healthcare. In cases where a traveler lacks healthcare
entitlement in their destination country, a statement acknowledging this fact must be
signed at a Dunav insurance branch office during policy inception.

When embarking on international journeys, especially to countries where healthcare
entitlement may not be a given, Dunav Travel Health Insurance ensures a seamless and
conscientious experience. Here are the key steps and considerations to keep in mind
when securing your coverage

Prerequisites for Policy Conclusion

For those wishing to secure a travel health insurance policy, certain prerequisites must
be met:

  • Registration of stay in the Republic of Serbia.
  • Presence on the territory of the Republic of Serbia at the time of policy
  • conclusion.
  • Possession of a correct and valid travel document.

Online Policy Conclusion with Added Benefits

For the tech-savvy traveler, Dunav offers the convenience of concluding your travel insurance policy online on dunav.com. Foreign nationals with passports can take advantage of this service, provided they possess a permanent personal identification number of the Republic of Serbia. As a gesture of appreciation, a 15% discount is extended to those opting for the ease of online transactions.

Global Generosity

Acknowledging the interconnectedness of families and loved ones across borders,
Dunav allows individuals from abroad to purchase travel health insurance online for the
benefit of another person. For instance, a son residing in America can effortlessly
procure a travel health insurance policy online for his parent, provided the parent is in
Serbia at the moment of the transaction.

In embracing these steps and considerations, Dunav Travel Health Insurance not only
ensures comprehensive coverage but also prioritizes accessibility and convenience for
travelers in an increasingly interconnected world.

Should the need arise, a dedicated call center stands ready to provide you with all the
essential information you require. Reach out to the responsive and efficient call center at
+381 11 36-36-940, ensuring assistance is available to you 24/7 throughout the entire

Travel with confidence, knowing that Dunav is committed to facilitating a secure and
hassle-free journey for you and your loved ones.


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