Several Russian and Montenegrin citizens have been arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia in an international, intelligence-led operation by Montenegro’s Agency for National Security and the Office of Special Prosecutor. 

Sources familiar with the arrest told The Pavlovic Today that the individuals arrested in Montenegro’s capital Podgorica were a mix of six Russian diplomats, thirty Russian citizens with residence permits, and two citizens of Montenegro. 

According to Vijesti, one of the arrested individuals was a former Spokesperson of Montenegro’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Radomir Sekulovic. 

Montenegro, a member of NATO, has been assessed by security officials as an area of growing Russian and Chinese influence among other countries in the Western Balkans. 

Montenegro’s PM Dritan Abazovic said that he hopes today’s action will reduce the “malign foerign influence” in Montenegro. The Prime Minister revealed that the operation was “top secret” and “activated last night.”

He told The Pavlovic Today that he will continue to fight against corruption and organized crime.

“We are determined to defend Montenegro’s national interests in every way we can,” said PM Abazovic. 

The Pavlovic Today has contacted the Office of the Special Prosector in Montenegro for comment but did not hear back yet.

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