Robin Wright

On the day 2 of the Cannes film festival, Women in Motion welcomed a few select members of the press to “by invitation only” conversation with the actress, producer, and director Robin Wright.

At the Kering Suite at the top of Majestic hotel on the Croisette, with a stunning view of the Mediterranean, Ksenija Pavlovic asked the first question about Wright’s journey of finding confidence as a woman.

THE PAVLOVIC TODAY: How did you grow into the confident woman you are today? Do you maybe remember when was the first moment when you really felt confident that as a woman, you can be equal to other men in your professional environment? Was it a process for you, or you were just born like that?

Robin Wright: (Laughter) “No, I wish. You know, again, it’s time. It took me a long time to grow up. To grow into my woman and yet, I grew up very fast as a child. You know, street smart, had a very particular wisdom as some kids do when they go through a lot when they are young. You know, divorce, moving and I was in a different school every two years. I lived in a different city, different state, every two years. And being around a lot of people all the time and adapting quickly, but also being very guarded— because you are moving so fast through people— you do not want to engage because it then hurts when you leave.

Growing up as a woman, happening later, experience with your kids growing up and see them become young adults, you are not mommying them in the same way, that helped. And, I think that being on a show, House of Cards because we are all producers of it, all of us. So there is a team of us working on the writing every day, creating, developing, evolving the show, we did not know where is going to go, we did not the ark, where is going to end. And to do that every day with your people, that’s a working environment, you don’t feel like the outcast like you know, the minority, a disfranchised person, because we are all equally important on that show and I think that helped a lot to grow up.”

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