Promising to “continue to stand with Ukraine,” PM Rishi Sunak pledged in Kyiv to send an extra £50m for air defenses to help protect civilians and infrastructure from the “intense barrage of Russian strikes.”

Security protocol kept Rishi Sunak’s first visit to Ukraine under wraps. Sunak’s trip included an act of remembrance at one of Kyiv’s poignant sites, a wall of the faces of thousands of this country’s war dead.

“In years to come, we will tell our grandchildren of your story, how a proud and sovereign people stood up in the face of an appalling onslaught,” said Sunak.

The United Kingdom is second only to the United States in military aid supply to Ukraine. Since the departure of Boris Johnson, people here have wondered about continuity. Rishi Sunak’s message, “we’re with you all the way,” confirmed that the UK’s support for the country would continue.

President Zelensky thanked the Prime Minister for supporting his country and for the dialogue they had.


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