KFOR Commander General Ristuccia has strongly criticized Prime Minister Kurti, highlighting a series of continuous setbacks over the past two years.

In an interview with the Corriere della Sera, Ristuccia stated, “The NATO mission cannot and must not be considered the umbrella under which to take shelter after unilateral actions.”

In response to Ristuccia’s statements, Richard Grenell, the former Special Presidential Envoy for Kosovo and Serbia under the Trump administration, characterized the accusations against Kurti as serious. Grenell expressed his disappointment, stating, “The people of Kosovo deserve better.” According to him, “Kurti has managed to completely isolate Kosovo.”

Speaking to The Pavlovic Today, Richard Grenell voiced his apprehensions regarding the mandate of mayors in Northern Kosovo.

“If they are duly elected then why is the EU calling for new elections?,” asked Grenell.

Commander Ristuccia specifically criticized Kurti’s decision to appoint mayors of Albanian nationality in Kosovo’s northern region, whom the Serbs do not recognize.

“First of all, the decision of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti to appoint mayors of Albanian nationality that the Serbian majority does not recognize, without considering the contrary advice of the entire international community. The second unilateral action of the Pristina government was the use of force without consulting us, which made our intervention necessary to avoid tragedy,” he explained.

During a press briefing at the State Department today, The Pavlovic Today posed a question regarding the measures the United States is considering to compel Prime Minister Kurti to heed the advice to de-escalate.

The government of Kosovo’s decision to force access to municipal buildings sharply and unnecessary escalated tensions, and Prime Minister Kurti and his government should ensure that elected mayors carry out their transitional duties from alternate locations and withdraw police forces from the vicinity,” Patel reiterated the stance of the US.

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